So Sweet

Why do I let myself go back
Remembering a poison
Always a lie

The knife in my breast
Every time

I go back
Because the pain is so sweet
so sweet

You’re so sweet
I want to strangle you to your death in me

Your love bends the labyrinth
And some drugs never leave the vein
And some never forget the sweet lie

Brave New Children

In the Morning
Open the window
Give my tiny purview the music
that stirs my Soul
makes me brave

And in a little while
in this Brave New World
am rewarded
by the joyous Morning exultations of
Brave New Children

Universal Heartbeat

This poetry
Not just words
But a song my soul sings
To the drum of
A Universal Heartbeat
Rhythms shifting
With the rising Moon
The setting Sun
A change of seasons
The tired sigh of death
And the cries of the beloved new child

Wine Ritual

I tasted the wine on your tongue
Smoky like the night wood
A touch of the dark fruit
A touch of our future

Star Ghost

One night
there was pain
and darkness

The moon hid her head
under black-goddess tresses
during the cold ghost hours

I came creeping to your window
and you let me in again
you did not rescind

I rasped the secret whispers
of the 14-year-old Juliet
star-kissed, star-crossed, star-ghost

I wondered would we always fall the same way
how much longer would my fool’s heart hold

Fixed and Pretend

A probable cyborg

I always remain at the intersection

At the precipice of dawn

I pretend

And on the teetering moonscape

I am fixed and transfixed


like cascades of butterflies
Erupt and dissipate

give rise to voices
that swell and echo

have not been spoken
but are left to be seen